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New "Back in Production" and "Old Original" Parts 

6 and 4 wing Emerson screw on hubs

ask about them

Various Brass Name Tags and Badges

Let me know what you are looking for.


Emerson oscillator arms - various sizes available including Silver Swans


Top oscillator and Pivot arms for  Emerson and Trojan Fans

Various shapes and sizes available

Cast Brass Wing Bolts for Emerson and G.E. stationary fans

Replacement bottom plates for Emerson

Cast Aluminum Cages for R&M Modernistic

"Peacock" Fans - much stronger than original pot metal

predrilled, ready to paint and mount

Laser cut Brass replacement wings for rebuilding brass blades on

Emerson early & late Parker brass blades,

Trojan 12 and 16 inch brass blades,

G.E. pancake brass blades,

Dayton 12 inch brass blades.


Most 12 inch brass wings

16 inch wings

Parker Stamped wings

Correct rivets included with each order.

Emerson and Trojan hubs available


G.E. Pancake struts

unpolished or polished

Some Emerson struts also available