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Collectible and Art Deco

1930's Emerson Electric Company

12 inch pedestal brass bladed fan

1930's Wright Industries Zephyr AirKooler

an 8 inch gooseneck single speed fan

a true example of the art deco age

polished aluminum restored    Sold

Circa late 1920's Emerson Electric Company

9 inch, 3 speed, oscillator desk or wall mount fan

brass blade, steel cage, older restoration

a great little fan


Circa 1920's Emerson Electric Company

  brass blade, 3 speed, desk/wall mount fans.

"Built to Last" 12 and 16 inch models

some colors available


Circa 1910 - 1920 Emerson Electric Company

Smooth step base, brass blade, brass cage, non-oscillating, 

three speed desk/wall mount fans - 8, 12 and 16 inch


Circa 1930's Emerson Electric Company

12 inch Silver Swan desk fan

Original great condition mahogany brown and chrome

a collectors dream!

Circa 1930's  Emerson Electric Company

10 inch Silver Swan desk fan

deco black and chrome finish


Circa 1900 -1910 Emerson Electric Company

Ornate base, brass blade, brass cage

non-oscillating fan, wall mounted for that

"Classic Early American Look "  !!

Black lacquer finish

call or e-mail for price and availability 



Circa 1934  Robbins & Myers Company

Modernistic Art Deco Fan,   finished in white lacquer,

a non-oscillating 8 inch fan.

Ornate brass badge on base,   with original brass switch.


Circa 1930's Emerson Electric Company

Type 6250AA  10 inch Pedestal fan

Highly polished aluminum blades,

black and chrome deco finish.

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Circa 1930's Emerson Electric Company

8 inch non-oscillating, single speed   "Junior Fan"

Great desk fan - White lacquer paint, polished silver blade,

black cloth twist wiring, with nice little brass badge on cage.

Circa 1930 Westinghouse Electric Company

10 or 16 inch Debonaire Fan

Truly a great deco fan from the 1930's

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